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Pay Anomalies Continue
Feb 22, 2023

We continue to address pay anomalies that occur as a result of changes to the pay scale.

An anomaly is defined as “…a person or thing that is different from what is usual, or not in agreement with something else and therefore not satisfactory.”

Pay anomalies occurred when the parties made Article 9 wage changes. And while it is often a tedious process that requires the involvement of economists and accountants, the anomalies were corrected. The most recent pay anomaly occurred as a result of changes to the level 8 pay table negotiated in the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Due to the problems hiring and retaining Tractor Trailer Operators, the parties negotiated substantive changes. The elimination of Steps FF-AA and the adding of Step P resulted in a $3.50 pay increase for some recently hired level 8 members who will reach level 8 Step P. The fact that the level 8 employees, who were in the double steps FF-AA, remained in the same waiting period until their next step increase, enabled certain junior employees to earn more than senior employees, thus creating the anomaly.

The parties reaffirmed the agreement that a junior employee should not normally make more than a senior employee in the same position, and continue to correct any pay disparities.

First Article Testing Cargo Trucks Model 548

The Postal Service purchased 447 additional Model 548 Cargo Vans. Modifications were made from cargo vans previously purchased. The union submitted recommendations, pursuant to Article 39.3. B, and included are some of the responses.

  1. The safety chain on the lift gate needs to be larger to make it easier to fasten.
    • Response: We agree with this recommendation. This has been addressed with the manufacturer and production units will have a larger opening.
  2. The yellow grab handle for the cab would be a beneficial option so drivers don’t use the steering wheel.
    • Response: We agree with this recommendation. The yellow grab handle will be added.
  3. Handles on the back of the truck should be larger. This would help with safety when raising the lift gate with large equipment.
    • Response: We agree with this recommendation. The handles on the back of the truck have been upgraded from 12 inches to 18 inches.
  4. Please provide the safety program for the familiarization and operation of the cargo trucks.
    • Response: After review of the new cargo truck’s operation manual, it was determined that it was unnecessary to develop a new safety program for the familiarization and operation of these cargo trucks due to their similarity with the existing fleet. Therefore, vehicle familiarization will be administered in accordance with Handbook EL-804, Safe Driver Program.

New Term of Office

Nov. 12 began the 2022-2025 term of office for all APWU National Officers. The Motor Vehicle Service Executive Council, which includes the Director, Assistant, and six Regional Business Agents, remains committed to protecting the rights and benefits of the craft, challenging the contracting of PVS, and VMF work, improving the CBA, and overall working conditions. These are your MVS elected representatives for this term of office.

  • Michael O. Foster: Director
  • Kenneth Prinz: Assistant Director
  • Bruce Amey: Southeast Region
  • Jerome Pittman: Western Region
  • Dyrike Shaw: Southwest Region
  • Garrett Langley: Eastern Region
  • Rick White: Northeast Region
  • Mark Krueger: Central Region

Welcome brother Rick, proud member of the Boston Metro Local. Welcome brother Mark, proud member of the Milwaukee Local. The Motor Vehicle Service Division wishes everyone Happy Holidays, and Keep on Trucking. â– 

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