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Feb 22, 2019
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Feb 27, 2019
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Mar 15, 2019
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Mar 23, 2019
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Apr 19, 2019
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Association of Flight Attendants-CWA Produces Video Against Postal Privatization!

Web News Article 

10/29/2018 - In a strong show of solidarity, the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA produced a video to educate flight attendants about the importance of public services and the role of solidarity in winning our fights.

“The U.S. Postal Service mail and packages fly on our planes. The routes we fly to communities across the country depend on a strong United States Postal Service. We’re standing with our sisters and brothers from [the four postal unions] to stop privatization!” 

The video features APWU convention delegates speaking about the importance of a public Postal Service and the need to stand in solidarity. Courtney Agee from Birmingham, Alabama is ready for the fight against privatization: “We can prevent this. We can. We can band together. We can not be scared. We can get in the face of Congress and say, ‘Hey, you can’t take this from the public like you want to.’ I can’t even imagine America without the Postal Service.”

“Look to your left, look to your right, look behind you, and tell everyone around you, ‘I’ve got your back!,’” proclaimed Sara Nelson, President of the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA at the August APWU convention in Pittsburgh.

Nelson’s call for solidarity inspired APWU member Stephanie McGee from Kansas City. “To see that you have other unions that support you and that have your back 100 percent,” said McGee, “it’s a wonderful thing.”

Feb 14, 2019

Wounded Warrior Leave


02/11/2019 - Consistent with the requirements of the Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act of 2015, the Postal Service allows veteran employees who meet the eligibility requirements to take Wounded Warrior Leave. This is a specific type of leave, which provides veteran employees with no loss in pay, for undergoing medical treatment for a service-related disability rated at 30% or more.


Wounded Warrior Leave is an authorized absence from the Postal Service to undergo medical treatment for a service-connected disability rated at 30 % or more.  It is a separate leave category, distinct from Sick Leave.

Treatment is an in-person visit to a health care provider, as specified in Section 513.364 of the Employees Labor Relations Manual (ELM), and includes the course of action prescribed by a health care provider. Treatment includes but is not limited to examination for and evaluations of the health condition that caused the disability rating.

Health Care Provider is the employee’s attending physician or other attending practitioner as recognized by ELM 515.2

Twelve- Month Eligibility Period is defined as the continuous 12-month period that begins on the first day of employment during which an eligible veteran can use Wounded Warrior Leave. For employees on the rolls and non-career employees on a required break in service (five days a appropriate) on November 4, 2016, the 12-month period begins November 5, 2016.

• Eligible new hires will receive 104 hours of WWL upon hire (as required by law) to be used for the remainder of the current calendar year.
• Each January, all disabled veterans with a 30% or more combined disability rating will receive 104 hours of WWL to use during the calendar year.
• At the end of each calendar year, any remaining WWL will be forfeited but, assuming the employee still has a combined disability rating of 30% or more, he/she will receive a new 104 hours at the start of the new leave year. 
• Any unused WWL is not rolled over to the next year, nor will it be paid out if the employee leaves.
• WWL can run concurrent with FMLA, when appropriate.
For the 2019 leave year the effective date is January 5, 2019. 
Eligibility can be verified on the employee’s PS form 50 which is found in their e-OPF. In box #11 on their PS form 50 it should indicate – “6-10pt-Comp over 30%”. If box #11 does not denote “6-10pt-Comp over 30%”, the employee will need to submit the necessary documentation to certify they meet the 30% eligibility. In the letter dated November 2016 it states – employees who have not yet submitted the necessary paper work must provide documentation from the Dept. of Veterans Affairs certifying that they have a qualifying service-connected disability. Specifically, a copy of DD 214, for each period of service, along with rating letter from the VA.  Address:
          HR Shared Service Center
          Via mail: Attention RTR
                HR Shared Service Center
                PO Box 970100
                Greensboro, NC 27497-0100
                Fax: 651-994-3521



All requests for Wounded Warrior Leave must be first submitted on a PS Form 3971. This request should be submitted in advance when foreseeable to the appropriate supervisor. There is an exception to the advance approval requirement for unexpected treatment. The supervisor is responsible for the approving requests for Wounded Warrior Leave by signing the PS Form 3971, and returning a copy to the veteran.


The veteran is required to submit a PS Form 5980, Treatment Verification for Wounded Warrior Leave, certified by a health care provider that the veteran used the leave to receive treatment for a covere4d disability. The PS Form 5980 must be provided no later than 15 calendar days after the employee returns to work. (See attached copy of a PS Form 5980)

In a letter dated October 24, 2016 the Postal Service stated that a veteran employee’s legitimate use of Wounded Warrior Leave will not be used for purposes of adverse personnel actions. (See attached letter)

Any further questions or concerns contact Assistant Director, Clerk Division Lynn Pallas-Barber ( and Assistant Maintenance Director Idowu Balogun (

Updated on 2/11/19


Feb 14, 2019

Denver Teachers Striking Against Arbitrary Pay System


02/13/2019 - On Monday, Feb. 11, over two thousand educators from the Denver Classroom Teachers Association (DCTA) walked out of school, launching the first teachers’ strike in the city in over 25 years. The walkout follows 15 months of negotiations. The strike vote passed in January with over 93 percent of the workers in favor of the walkout.

The walkout is the latest education worker uprising, drawing strength from the many victorious strikes in the last year and a half. This movement is not only winning fair pay and better treatment for educators, but also securing strong education systems for the students as well.

The Denver teachers’ first goal is dismantling and restructuring the Denver Public Schools district (DPS) pay system. The base pay for teachers in Colorado is 46th in the country in terms of average teacher pay, leaving many teachers financially insecure and in need of side jobs to support themselves. Beyond base pay teachers are subject to an arbitrary bonus system of pay. The teachers are demanding an end to the current pay system, with the base pay raised.

DPS attempted to thwart the strike before it began, petitioning state lawmakers and Colorado governor Jared Polis to intervene.

As in other educator strikes, the students are rallying behind their teachers, showing up in full force on picket lines. Some are planning their own walkouts in solidarity.

The APWU National encourages members who are able to join the picket lines or show their support via social media with the hashtag #DCTAstrong. You can also donate to the strike fund.

Feb 11, 2019

Secretary-Treasurer Powell Honored with World Peace Prize for Labor Leadership


02/08/2019 -

[L-R] AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Liz Shuler, Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth “Liz” Powell,
UFCW International Secretary-Treasurer Ester Lopez, Ceremony Chairperson
& Judge Barbara Flaherty, and Chief Judge Fr. Sean Mc Manus.

On Feb. 5, Secretary-Treasurer Elizabeth “Liz” Powell was honored by the World Peace Prize Awarding Council (WPPAC) as a “Roving Ambassador for Peace,” and awarded the World Peace Prize for Labor Leadership, alongside Ester Lopez, International Secretary-Treasurer, United Food and Commercial Workers International Union.

The award honors individuals who dedicate their lives and careers to peace, justice and labor leadership.

APWU National Officers at the World Peace Prize Award Ceremony

Feb 04, 2019

APWU Representatives Meet to Discuss Safety Issues


02/01/2019 - APWU Regional Safety and Health Representatives, Regional Coordinators, and National Officers responsible for the flow of workplace safety programs recently met over two days at headquarters, where they discussed APWU’s Stand Up for Safe Jobs campaign and prepared to go into the field to present training on the campaign, and safety in general.

Each APWU region has at least one member in the field, a Safety and Health Representative, who is appointed to help states and locals with safety issues that affect workers.

“These area safety representatives are dedicated to safety in the workplace,” said Industrial Relations Director Vance Zimmerman. “They are trained - and OSHA certified - in a variety of safety topics, and are experienced with dealing with the Postal Service in safety related matters. Locals should not hesitate to contact them with any safety related questions they have.”

In Fiscal Year 2018, across all crafts, there were 42,749 postal employees who reported and had claims for injury or occupational disease accepted. The Postal Service once again is the most dangerous place to work in the U.S. Government. (Bureau of Labor Statistics Data

“Every employee has the right to go to work in a safe environment and return home to their families at the end of the day uninjured,” said President Mark Dimondstein. “Although management is ultimately responsible for a safe work environment and ensuring the employees are not hurt, the employees can and should organize and together demand their right to a safe work environment.”

Any state organization who would like to have a Regional Coordinator and Regional Safety Representative come in and provide training to a state meeting or convention can request this through their Regional Coordinator. They are eager to help all members Stand Up for Safe Jobs.

Safety and Health Committee

Jan 24, 2019

APWU’s Greater Los Angeles Area Local Joins UTLA Strike

Union Overwhelmingly Approved Contract on Tuesday

01/24/2019 - APWU’s Greater Los Angeles Area Local joined United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) on the picket line last week, offering support to fellow public-sector workers during the week-long strike that ended Tuesday morning.

“It’s important to support each other in solidarity,” said Greater Los Angeles Area Local President Dominic Davis. “Teachers were out in full force, side by side with us in solidarity, during the Stop Staples campaign. We’re so closely aligned with them, with both of us going through negotiations [now], so it was important to show our support.”

“It says a lot about the teachers union and its members that they risked their own benefits as they stood up for their students,” said Davis. “They care enough about the students they serve that they put themselves on the line for better conditions.”

Victorious Strikers Return to Work Wednesday

On Tuesday, UTLA President Alex Caputo-Pearl and Los Angeles Unified School District Superintendent Austin Beutner announced a tentative agreement at Los Angeles City Hall, which UTLA members overwhelmingly approved later that day.

Teachers were back in school for a normal school day on Wednesday with a new contract that the union described as a “paradigm shift.” Virtually all of the union’s demands were met with no concessions made by teachers, except for pay lost while out of school on the picket lines.

The new contract includes:

  • A six percent pay raise with no contingencies,
  • A nurse in every school five days a week,
  • Hard caps on class size that will reduce class sizes immediately in 2019-20, with more improvements every year after,
  • Clear pathway to cap charters,
  • Counselor-student ratios of 1:500,
  • Commitment to reduce standardized testing by 50 percent,
  • A librarian in every secondary school five days a week,
  • Investment in community schools,
  • Hard caps on special education caseloads and release time for testing,
  • Important wins for adult education, early education, and substitute educators,
  • Progress on demands to end random searches, expand green space, and support immigrant families.

UTLA’s fight against increased charter funding parallels our own fight against privatization of the Postal Service, as workers demanded the preservation of education as a public service for all people, not just a privileged few. The cap on charter funding is a major win not only for UTLA’s public school employees, but for all advocates of the preservation of public services.

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