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44th Annual MVS Directors Conference
Sep 19, 2022

44th Annual MVS Directors Conference

Michael O. Foster

September 10, 2022 

The 44th Annual MVS Directors Conference was held on August 13-14 in National Harbor, MD, followed by the APWU’s 26th Biennial National Convention.  MVS members throughout the country received training on MVS issues and were provided Step 4 reports.

The Motor Vehicle Service Division received 10 contractual resolutions that were reviewed by the MVS Resolutions Committee. The delegates discussed, debated, and referred the resolutions to the national convention and the resolutions were adopted “in toto”. The MVS Committee consisted of the following members: Darryl Gause, Atlanta Metro Area Local Chairperson; Cassandra Black, NY Metro Area Local Vice Chairperson; Michael Crum, Keystone PA Area Local; Steven Clinton, Portland Oregon Area Local; Luis Millan, Houston Area Local; Ross Rahman, Greater LA Area Local; Faron Williamson, Omaha Area Local.

The MVS Committee made either a Concurrence or Non-Concurrence recommendation to the MVS Craft Conference. The conference adopted six of the nine resolutions to be proposals for contract negotiations in 2024. The adopted resolutions consist of the following:  

  • Article 39.2.A.1, posting or reverting a position be changed from 28 days to 14 days.
  • Employee’s bid position will be posted for bid if in a 204B detail for more than 120 days in a 12-month period.        
  • Article 39.1.B.7.e, PTFs will be converted to FTR within one pay period.
  • Article 39.2.A.7, when requested by the Union all FTR VMF duty assignments shall be posted once each calendar year.
  • MVS CDL holders be given the option to return to work after completing a tour without having no-less-than 10 hours off duty.
  • Driver Safety Instructors with a CDL “A” be upgraded to level 10.

Peterbilt Cargo Van First Article Testing

The APWU received notice that the Postal Service would be taking an option to purchase 447 additional Peterbilt Cargo Vans, model 548.

The First Article Testing was held on July 19, 2022 in Marshall, MI. The following APWU members participated:  Shana Parker MVS Craft Director, Philadelphia PA; Peggy Wilcox, MVS Craft Director, Phoenix AZ; Tony Brooks, MVS Craft Director, Michigan; and Ken Prinz, Assistant Director, MVS Division.

There appears to have been noticeable safety improvements over the 2019 Peterbilt model 348.  The cab area has more room, spanning nearly 82-incheswide, including a floor space lowered by 4 inches. The 6-inches lower grille crown and increased hood slope provides a 63 percent larger windshield for better visibility. There is also a larger door window and lower beltline. a 2-inch lowered dash shows a digital display of pop-up notifications that communicate warnings and suggested actions. Night-mode produces a subtle color change which improves night vision and reduces window glare.

The model 548 will provide navigation and a backup camera. The automatic light sequence for pre-checks was a big hit with the First Article members.

Pursuant to Article 39.3.B the APWU submitted the following issues on the model 548:

  • The safety chain on the lift gate needs to be larger, to make it easier to fasten.
  • The lift gate handle needs to be larger to allow a hand through.
  • The yellow grab handle for the cab would be a beneficial option so that drivers do not have to use the steering wheel.
  • Handles on the back of the truck should be larger. This would help with safety when raising the lift gate with large equipment.
  • Height clearance decals inside and outside of truck were missing.

We will provide the Postal Service’s response when it becomes available.

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