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What's New at DMAL-APWU 229
Union News Express 2016-06

Union News Express

Issue 2016 - 06    May 18, 2016

CFS - 36 Positions Placed in Withholding

by Mark Kirby, President

On April 13 2016, the APWU was notified by management that due to operational changes (FPARS) at the Denver CFS, Denver will be placed into withholding of 36 full time positions. Two weeks later we received another notification that the withholding would be delayed until further notice. Does this sound familiar, plans change so fast that I don’t believe anyone can keep up.

A lot of people have been asking when the MPA will be closing; I have not been notified of any such closing and will let you know as soon as I get the word from management.

I have been getting a lot of complaints concerning abusive supervisors.  We all know who they are, yet they continue creating hostile work environments.  I need everyone who feels that they were not treated with Dignity and Respect to fill out statement forms, 1767’s, and give these to your union steward.  Documentation is vital to help eliminate the lack of professionalism and harassment that is occurring daily.  Without the proper documentation it is very difficult for your union to challenge these allegations.

Please get involved with your union in any capacity. We cannot fight if we don’t unite!

MVS Update

by Robert Helmig, Director MVS

A few follow ups from the last News express. We are still having problems with incorrect 3971’s. When you call in, keep your confirmation number from calling in until at least 6 months. If you need it down the road, trust me, you’ll be glad you saved it. If you didn’t get a confirmation number, that means the system did not record your absence and you need to call back and try again. Do not assume anything. If your 3971 is incorrect, do not sign it. Get it corrected before you sign it. If you are required to get medical documentation, get it. We can grieve for your co-pay, mileage and time spent at the doctor.

I have met with the labor board attorney and the meeting went well. I gave a deposition on the pay anomaly and hope to get this resolved soon. I know many people are working on it, from our national down to me.

We had a PSE converted to career only to be put back as a PSE. Now we all know this is wrong. I grieved it and it looks like it will be resolved and the driver will be back to career with back pay and benefits.

We are working with management at the garage to reduce and eliminate the back log of PMI’s. I am also awaiting management’s guidelines to how DSI’s will implement and train mechanics going into level 9 that needs CDL training. Since it is taking forever, keep renewing your permit, let me know you did that and I will grieve to get you paid.

Working Higher Level For Less Money

by Dave Suwalski, Director Maintenance Craft

It has come to my attention that there are certain people working higher level jobs for their current level of pay.  What the heck is wrong with you?  This is wrong contractually and is helping management eliminate jobs. 

By you doing the work, management is:

  • Not putting a bid for that job because you are getting the work done.

  • You are agreeing to do the job without getting higher level pay.

  • You are creating a situation for your co-workers by them having to do your job while you are appeasing management.

  • Management is by-passing the seniority list and overtime list.

    So with all that said, "Why would you agree with management?" 

    The contract states: 

    Section 2. Higher Level Pay

    An employee who is detailed to higher level work shall be paid at the higher level for time actually spent on such job. An employee’s higher level rate shall be determined as if promoted to the position. An employee temporarily assigned or detailed to a lower level position shall be paid at the employee’s own rate.

    Let's start together to help get bids correct and to make sure we get paid for the level of work we do.  Management is not really concerned with how things are done, they just want to use anybody to get the job done.  They have no respect for the contract at all.  We need to stick together so we can do the right thing.

Know Your Time Limits

by Bobby Rollins, Executive Vice-President

In the event that you feel your contractual rights have been violated, it is important to know that your time limit to have your grievance filed is 14 days from the date of the violation. It is imperative to contact your Union Steward ASAP and let them know what your issue is so that they can manage your grievance into their workload and get it filed in a timely manner.

I can’t emphasize time limits enough, especially for those who receive any kind of disciplinary action from management. If you receive discipline and the grievance is filed beyond the 14th day, there is a very good chance it will remain in your personnel file for two years. When grievances are filed untimely, it puts the Union in a precarious situation because the first question we will face is going to be; “Why was this grievance untimely?”

If you are off from work for an extended period of time, it is important to check your mail regularly. The Postal Service sends letters out to employees who are out for extended periods of time asking them to come in to work on a certain date and time so they can do an Investigative Interview with them, to find out why they have been off from work. It is imperative that you respond to these letters and let management know if you are physically able to attend or not.  It’s equally important to immediately let your Union know if you receive any kind of correspondence in the mail from management.

If you receive any type of disciplinary letter in your mailbox, it is imperative that you contact your union immediately. Management sends discipline letters to people via Certified Mail and we have 14 days from the day that mail piece was placed in your mailbox in which to file your grievance.

I can’t emphasize the importance of the 14 day time limits enough; this is an issue that has become more and more of a problem recently and it is imperative that it is a problem that is eliminated quickly.

If you have any questions in regards to this article please see your Steward or call the Union Hall and talk to an Officer.

Membership Incentive Drawing

by Rita Burns, Office Manager

At the April 27, 2016 General Membership Meeting, 20 DMAL member names were drawn for $350.  Below are the members who were eligible for the drawing:

Helen K. Chen

Alex L. Cooke

Vanessa Sampson

Veronica J. Montiel

Benny D. Martinez Jr.

Jackson K. Stephen Sr.

Edwin G. Aya

Elizabeth J. Romero

Belisario Martinez Jr.

Aekyong McCulloch

Richard A. Williams

Vincent S. Kraft

Corey Portugal-Hulett

Garland L. Alatalo

Mardi S. Randle

Betsy E. Brockington

Ray C. Hernandez

Patrick N. Cussans

Barry M. Jones

Adrianna M. Morales

The next drawing will be held at the May 21st Membership Meeting and will be for $375.  Plan on attending and enter for a chance to win!

Tour 2 Automation Chaos

by Ron Malunat, Administrative Aide

I started my tour at the GMF last week and was amazed by what I saw and heard.  First of all, I want to say I heard these incidents from our very credible members whom I have known quite awhile.  I can't believe how messed up this unit has become in a short period of time.  Why?  Management of course!  I have a couple of things to share with you.  First, the Executive Board is taking these concerns seriously (see President Kirby's article on 1767's under CFS article).  Our concerns were taken forward to the appropriate officials.  Secondly, I will be writing an article in the next Union News Express on Tour 2 Automation.  I hope to be writing an article on how management has dealt with the abusive supervisors and if they haven't, it will be a scathing article with quotes from the members, and I won't use their names, just quotes because of their concern of retaliation over the mentality of these bad supervisors.  This type of management cannot and will not be tolerated by your Union!

Thank You DMAL Clerks!

by Laviena Vargas, Director Clerk Craft

A BIG Thank You to all our clerks out there; to all three Tours at the GMF, CFS, MPA and the clerks at our Denver Stations and Associate Offices.  The union recognizes ALL YOUR HARD WORK!

Currently at the GMF, there is a management "team" from out of state that is trying to help local management figure out how to process the mail and get it out of the GMF.  I have heard many clerks express their feelings concerning this "team" and how they interact with the clerks.  Some of these "team" members stand by; the machine with their arms crossed and just stare at the clerks as they work the mail.  As your Craft Director, I encourage every clerk to do as you do every day - give 100%.  The DMAL clerks are hard workers with integrity and perform their clerk duties as such on a daily basis!  Please do not feel intimidated or judged by these "team" members.

Our Denver stations are still struggling with massive staffing issues.  Many senior clerks are bidding out and when their bid gets re-posted, no one is bidding those station bids.  In the end, these bids are ending up on E-reassign.  Please know that the officers of this local are working on finding solutions pertaining to these un-filled bids.  Station clerks...Thanks for all the overtime you're putting in and hang in there.  We are working on these issues!

As a new Craft Director, one of the most important tasks I have is making sure that you, our members, have representation.  I have been very busy reaching out, locating and interviewing new clerk stewards.  Our local has 992 career clerk members and 228 PSE clerk members.  The DMAL has a total of 1280 clerk members!  Awesome!  As your Craft Director I want to make sure we have ample representation for our members.

I recently interviewed and appointed four new Clerk Steward Apprentices.  Welcome Darren Jolly - Clerk out of the Bear Valley Station, Terry Moody - Clerk from Boulder Valmont, Maurice Scraggs - Clerk from Drake/Estes Park, Cornella Morris - Clerk from Tour 3 at the GMF and welcome back Tina Vivens-Stafford - Clerk from CFS covering Tour 1 and Tour 2.  I encourage any and every clerk to get involved with your union.

If you should have any issues or questions concerning your contractual rights, please contact your Union Steward for your tour or your station or facility.  I started with a "thank you" and that's exactly how I would like to end...Thank you to all our members!!


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