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What's New at DMAL-APWU 229
Express 2015-02

Message From the President

by John A. Ancona, President

Back on September 17, 2014, the Colorado/Wyoming District notified Omar Gonzalez, Western Region Coordinator, that management planned on withholding, within a fifty mile radius of at the Denver P&DC,  26 full-time level six clerk residuals and two full-time level seven clerk residual vacancies at the same or lower level. In addition to these clerk positions, 20 residual vacancies, same or lower level maintenance employees, will be withheld at the Denver P&DC. This included five Electronic Technicians, six Maintenance Mechanic MPE level nine positions, and nine Maintenance Mechanic level seven positions.  The local met with management on November 5th to discuss these changes.  At that time, your local made our position clear that we did not believe that the P&DC was overstaffed.  On April 6th, management notified Omar Gonzalez that after further consideration, the Denver, CO event has been cancelled.

MVS Update

by Carey Henricks Director MVS Craft

There has been a addendum to the PSE MOU which should get all the affected drivers to the proper pay level once and for all. This addendum will include the drivers who were hired on as career also. There is back pay to all drivers affected by this. The back pay is $300.00 per month from July 1, 2014, through April 3, 2015. I may not agree with how the back pay was awarded, but it is what it is. This was signed off at the National level.

It appears that management will not be adjusting as many runs to have a direct dispatch out of the MPA. As of right now it looks like only three to four runs will be affected. Those will be for Sullivan, Bear Valley and Lakewood, with a dispatch out of the MPA between 03:30 and 04:00.

As for the Arbitration Award for the VMF locations, we are working on it. It will get taken care of.  Be patient as these things take some time. If we cannot come to the proper resolution here locally, I will send it back to the Arbitrator to render a decision on the award.

I have had a lot of inquiries about the NLRB post that was signed on April 3, 2015, by Pete Carrillo. This I believe is from National filing labor charges against the USPS. The reason for it was because management has been refusing information, and/or only giving what they want the union to see.

It has been brought to my attention that some of the employees in the VMF have received an extra 40 hours on their pay checks this week. Nobody knows what the pay is for. My recommendation to those employees is to put the extra money in your savings account until it is found out why you received this. If you spend it, and there is no reason why you should have received it, you will get a letter of demand to repay it.

To both PVS and VMF employees; we need to get the work done that is tasked to us as expeditiously as possible. Of course this means do it in as safe a manner as possible. Remember that Article #34 of the CBA states; “The principle of a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay is recognized by all parties to this agreement.”

Attention APWU Protected Employees!!

by Lawanda Davis, Administrative Aide

Management has declared that the Denver Installation's excessing event is cancelled.  You may ask what does that mean.  It means that as of April 6, 2015, APWU protected employees will NOT be able to transfer and take their seniority with them.  This means that the US Postal Service no longer believes that we have too many clerks and maintenance employees in the Denver Installation.  So the next time you ask what has your union done for you lately, keep in mind that because your union has continually fought for staffing and the bids, we can prove that we do NOT have too many craft employees, and in some places, we need more! Thank your union stewards and officers for their diligence and hard work to protect your good jobs and their help in giving our co-workers the help that they need to give good service!

Blatant Violations!

by Chris Arellano, Director Clerk Craft

Management continues to harass and violate your rights by requesting unjust documentation for call-ins, docking employees’ pay.  Even if you have approved FMLA, management instructs you to bring in documentation.  The JCIM states;

Employer Responsibilites – FMLA

“The Postal Service is prohibited from interfering with, restraining, or denying the exercise of any rights provided by FMLA.  Employers cannot use the taking of FMLA leave as a negative factor in employment actions, such as hiring, promotions, or disciplinary actions. Likewise, FMLA covered absences may not be used towards any disciplinary actions.  Employees cannot waive, nor may employers induce employees to waive, their rights under FMLA.”

Remember, you have the right to file a grievance for unjust documentation requests but you must get the documentation that states you were ill and unable to work.  You have 14 days to file a grievance but you must have your documentation.  Track your mileage, get the receipt and contact your APWU steward.

The Infamous Email

by Ben Pesina, Director Maintenance Craft

Yes, it is true.  Higher management stated it is the responsibility for every supervisor and manager to hold their employees accountable for route completions.   Higher management also stated that “appropriate” action should be taken to employees that are not “clearing” their tasks and informing their supervisor. 

CBA 34.A - The Principle Of A Fair Day’s Work For A Fair Day’s Pay Is Recognized By All Parties…

We, in maintenance, should be performing the tasks, not just clearing them.  We should only “clear” the tasks when we perform the task.  We should also hold management accountable. 

In maintenance, we should have an idea of time a task should take, but we also realize that other factors come into play (stripped bolts, excessive worn parts, computer connections problems to name a couple).  Someone somewhere assigned times to the ECBM route.  These time keepers probably had all needed parts on hand before the clock started.  These time keepers probably worked on clean nearly new equipment.  This time standard may be accurate, but it may not.  Perform the tasks at a reasonable safe rate.  According to the CBA 34.B – The Employer agrees that any work measurement systems or time or work standards shall be fair, reasonable and equitable.  Management should provide us with the proper amount of time to perform our duties.  How can you perform 20 ECBM hours of PMs in a two hour maintenance window?

We, in maintenance, should have a general knowledge of the piece of equipment we are performing maintenance on.  According to the CBA 38.6, all maintenance craft job training opportunities will be offered first to the senior qualified volunteer within the occupational group, level and tour where the need for the skills exists.  If you require training, request it.  Be Safe! If you are unfamiliar with the piece of equipment, how can you complete your duties?  If you cannot complete your duties, why would you “clear” the tasks?

According to the CBA 38.7.A – The employer will provide adequate tools, tool kits, and equipment on a charge-out basis to those employees who require such items for the performance of their assigned function.  If you need a special tool or piece of equipment to complete an ECBM task, management WILL provide it (again refer to CBA 38.7.A).  If management fails to provide the proper tool/equipment, how can you perform your job?  If you can’t complete your job, how can you complete your assigned duties?  If you don’t complete your assigned duties, why would you “clear” the tasks?  

I spoke with the Plant Manager and informed him that maintenance supervisors and managers are signing off routes and the falsifying of official government documents has not stopped.  He understood that the senior routes that are being bypassed have been implemented to predict the machine will be shutting down during processing.  I mentioned to him that not one machine had been overhauled in seven years, and at this point they are a bucket of nuts and bolts.  I mentioned that we have been understaffed and the training is deficient and not enough has been distributed properly.  Still, we have not received additional training or staffing.  We get zero overtime, according to the information I am receiving, while some in the other crafts are complaining about being mandated.  Maybe if the routes were being completed properly, some in the other crafts wouldn’t have to be mandated.

There should be communication between the employee and his/her supervisor.  The employee should inform the supervisor how much time is needed to perform the ECBM.  The employee should inform the supervisor if he/she requires more training.  The employee should inform the supervisor if he/she requires more or a special tool.  If the employee is unable to complete all assigned tasks, yes the employee should notify his/her supervisor and only sign off on the tasks he/she does complete.

Finally, please do not get into a confrontation with your fellow employees because you think the machine should be yours. It is management’s responsibility to make and enforce that decision.  Do not jeopardize your job because of management’s incompetence or lack of interest.  Please do not lose your cool.

West Wing Grievance Settlement Update

by Bobby J. Rollins, Executive Vice-President

The West Wing Grievance Settlement was signed on March 30, 2015, by National Business Agent Mo Merow and Western Area Labor Relations Specialist Mark Moreland.  The impacted employees will receive $20,000 each, which will be on a regularly scheduled payroll check. It is not known at this time exactly what pay period to expect the money, but the GATS adjustments are currently in the process of being completed.

I would like to extend a personal thank you to T-1 Steward Dennis Enderson for his hard work and perseverance in filing this grievance for our T-1 impacted employees.  I would like to also thank Vicki Carrios from the Colorado Springs Local for the outstanding job she did in arbitrating this case for our local.

Jean Daniel, DMAL Office Secretary Retires

by Rita Burns, Office Manager

After 20 years of service to the Denver Metro Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union, Jean Daniel is retiring.  She is beginning a new phase in her life.  Jean has decided to move to Illinois to be closer to family.  She will be sorely missed, but the walls of our building will always resonate with the years she spent with us!  Thank you Jean for all your hard work and dedication and for always being "Mama" to all of us.  May your future bring you love, happiness and peace.   Never forget us, for we will never forget you!  May your journey be wonderful!

A Fond Farewell

by Jean Daniel, Secretary

As I sit at my desk this morning, my heart is swimming with all the emotions I feel.  How does one express all the love and gratitude that is in one’s heart?  I have worked for all of you for 20 years.  It would take every inch of this Union News Express to try to convey all that I am feeling, and then it would still be inadequate.  I thank every administration I have worked under; Sybil Goldman who first hired me as the cleaning lady, Scott Morrow, past DMAL President and current Retiree Chapter President who negotiated my very first contract with SEIU and who I hold dear to my heart.  Paul J. Mendrick who taught me patienceJ, Dennis Enderson to whom I will forever be grateful for teaching me so very many valuable lessons, Gary Scott will be forever in my heart, Sonda Goss who I got such a kick out of, current President and Executive Vice-President John Ancona and Bobby Rollins who supported me and cared for me all these last five years, and last but surely not least, Office Manager Rita Burns who I have known for more than 20 years.  She was the one who recommended me all those years ago and I have such love for her, she will never know. To the DMAL Craft Directors, Stewards and every member out there, I will surely miss you and thank you for the opportunity to have been some small service to this union. Stay strong and always think UNION!!

Thank you all…with love always, Jean

/jd   opeiu #30   afl-cio

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