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What's New at DMAL-APWU 229
Union News Express 2016-05

President’s Report  by Mark Kirby, President

First off I would like to thank all the APWU members who exercised their right and privilege to vote in the last Denver Metro Area Local election.  It is an honor to serve as your President.  I would like to congratulate the new Executive Board on their positions and look forward to working with you all!  We have a very tough road ahead of us to ensure that all of our member’s rights under the Collective Bargaining Agreement are enforced.

I believe it has been a very productive seven days for myself and the new Executive Board, not only learning our new positions but also trying to catch up with all the changes that have been happening throughout the Denver stations and processing facilities.

I will do my best to keep our membership informed of any changes that might be coming down from management, and everyone knows that there have been significant changes already and probably many more to come!

One of the biggest issues I would like to address immediately is Dignity and Respect. Management seems to forget that we are humans, not animals, and deserve to be treated as such.

I also ask that you, the APWU membership, get involved with your union in any capacity, so we can continue to grow in strength, and so we can fight the senseless contract violations that are occurring on a daily basis.  I will be looking for volunteers for various committees.  Please visit our website to see if you’re interested in any of the committees.  Contact the union hall if you have any questions on these committees.

Once again thank you for being a part of the APWU!  We all deserve to go home to our family’s safe and stress free!!

 DMAL Election of Officers  by Bobby Rollins, Executive Vice President

I would like to start by thanking all of the DMAL-APWU members who exercised their right to vote in the election. I would also like to thank the members who supported and voted for me and once again put their faith in me to be the Executive Vice-President for a third term.

This election was the first election that I have been involved in that was handled by our Election Committee instead of the American Arbitration Association. I would like to thank Jackie Fleming (Committee Chair) as well as the rest of the Election Committee for a job well done. The Election Committee is one of many committees available for members to volunteer to be a part of so feel free to contact myself or your President, Mark Kirby, if you have interest in serving on a committee.

It has been a bit stressful in making the transition from the past Executive Board to the present. The DMAL has several new Executive Board officers who have required, and will continue to require, training in their areas of representation.  However, I feel they will be effective in their positions with the proper guidance and training.

I would like to provide a listing of the new E-Board Officers names, along with their phone extensions at the Union Hall, so that if you have a problem that needs to be discussed with an Officer you can call the appropriate Officer you need to speak to. The Officers below can be contacted by calling (303) 365-1524 and then entering their appropriate extension.

  • President /Mark Kirby ext.19
  • Executive Vice-President/Bobby Rollins ext.14
  • Clerk Craft Director/Laviena Vargas    ext.13
  • Assistant Clerk Craft Director/Monica Lipscomb ext.17
  • Maintenance Craft Director/Dave Suwalski ext.20
  • MVS Craft Director/Robert Helmig ext.15
  • Human Relations Director/Kijana Myers ext.12
  • Administrative Aide/Ron Malunat ext.24
  • Recording Secretary/Deanna Tesone ext.337

I would like to extend a special thank you to all of the candidates who ran in this election that were not elected. Thank you for having interest in your Union and wanting to step up and provide representation to our members.

Why Should I Go to Union Meetings?  by David Suwalski, Director Maintenance Craft

First, let me thank everyone that took the time to vote for me.  I truly appreciate your votes my brothers and sisters.  I will do the best I can to represent all those in need.

Why Should I Attend the Union Meeting?

I have heard this from a lot of people over the years since I have been a member of the APWU.  Here are a few reasons why I attend the meetings:

  • It is informative to what is currently going on in your craft.
  • You can voice your opinions and concerns to the Executive board
  • Find out what your union dues go to
  • Refreshments are served.
  • Possibly win some great COPA prizes.  So far I won TV/2 IPODS/Turkey/GPS Garmin/Gift basket/Multiple union T-Shirts
  • Eligible to win money in an attendance drawing.
  • Meet some really great people from other crafts.
  • Purchase union gear to show your pride.

These are just a few things that happen at the APWU union meeting.  In these hard times, we need to educate ourselves and help each other.  We all see the writing on the wall with what the USPS is doing with our jobs!  My brothers and sisters, we need to stay active and show solidarity within our union and help each other.  Please show a sign of force and attend the meeting to stay educated and to stop me from winning all those prizes.

Spring!!  by Monica Lipscomb, Asst. Director Clerk Craft

Spring!  Thoughts turn to dreaming of bid annual, entertaining, celebrations and all things fun.  It is more important than ever to keep your cool at work.

Yes, everyone is dreaming, even sometimes dreading the change in the season.  For everyone that is happy go lucky, there are a lot of co-workers that are not so happy or so lucky.  Most managers and supervisors are still behaving badly.  They don't treat each other with respect and that same attitude trickles down, as usual, to the craft employees. 

Management tells you to start the machine or better yet ask the question, “Why isn't the machine running?”  The question no SDO really wants to answer to.  Is it harassment when management instructs you to work?  Realistically it is not.  The contract states: “a fair days work for a fair days pay”.  That being said, it is not the birthright of a supervisor to make your life miserable for eight hours each and every day.  If you've ever had an adversarial relationship with someone in authority, and let's say there is no accountability in the workplace, the authority will find ways to get even with you.

Please make sure that you document behaviors that rise to the level of harassment, for yourself and the Union.  A diary should include dates, times, who was around, who were you working with and how did the behaviors make you feel.  We cannot tolerate ANYONE yelling, screaming, or threatening to do bodily harm.  We are all in this together.

MVS Report  by Robert Helmig, Director MVS Craft

As I take back the position of craft director, I ponder on the future of our craft and what management has been doing to individuals in our craft. We have management arbitrarily changing drivers clock rings after they call in, improperly emergency placing people, people still not being paid correctly, so on and so on. The first thing I did after taking over the position, is meet with each steward and explain what I expect from them. I told them if they need training, I will help get that accomplished, if they need help with an issue, I will be there for the steward in whatever they need to be successful. What I won’t do, is play games. I don’t have time or the patience for childish games. I only want to help make you, the steward, myself and the union better.

That being said, the labor board charges have been filed on the pay anomaly.  I have been in contact with the Labor Board attorney and he believes it’s a good case and will move it forward.  I have, at his request, done up a chronology of events on this issue and will meet with him soon with what I have. If I need anything else, I will ask you for it.

I am getting up to speed on other issues such as Improper Emergency Placements and management changing leave without the person’s permission.  If that happens to you, please let me know immediately.  I will address it and get it corrected.  Please pay attention to your 3971’s. If there is ANYTHING that doesn’t seem right, address it with your supervisor right then and there.  Do not sign it until it is correct.  If you sign it and there are mistakes, you will have to live with it. Also, when you write up a 1767 for a Safety Violation, get a copy of it and give it to me, that way I can take it to the appropriate person to address it.

In closing, I want to thank you for giving me this opportunity to represent you.  I will do my best for you and our craft.

Possible Changes???  by Ron Malunat Administrative Aide

I want to give all members at CFS and the AFSM 100’s a heads up that we have been contacted by management regarding possible changes in staffing at CFS and AFSM 100’s.  This is the first major issue facing the new Executive Board.  For now the union has told management to hold off on any action and we are willing to meet, but not until we all settle into our new positions. I will say that the initial reaction of your new Executive Board is very much against changes, as management has done enough changes, and more changes every time they get a wild hair is too disruptive for our members and isn’t usually effective anyway.  I emphasize that nothing is final, but it is obvious that management is looking at changes in these units.

Old Timers Gathering

The Retiree Chapter President, Scott Morrow is holding a breakfast gathering of retired postal workers on Monday, April, 11 2016 at 11:00 AM. It will be at

the Country Buffet at 7407 E. 36th Avenue in Denver, CO 80207. It is off of I-70 and Quebec. I hope you can join us to see old friends and see the work that the Retiree Chapter is doing as well.  I am looking forward to it and I plan on being there.

Finally, I want to thank all members who participated in the recent election. This is your most important right in your local.  I would also like to thank the Election Committee as they put in a very long day counting the ballots in verifying the results. They are Jackie Fleming; Chairman, Robert Jackson, Chris Andrews, Shane Allen, and Donovan Grabowski.

New Guy on the Block  by Kijana Myers, Human Relations Director

I'm very excited about my new position, and the opportunities that I will have to work with the various crafts. If there are any questions dealing with OWCP, FMLA, Veterans Benefits, Retirement, and On The Job Injury, I am your guy. Please feel free to contact me at 303-365-1524 ext. 12.

Just a couple of reminders; when dealing with an On The Job Injury, remember to report the accident as soon as possible. Get copies of all documents and keep them close by. If you’re not sure of the forms you need, ask management to explain the process, and ask for myself, or a Union Steward. Feel free to contact me and I will guide you in the right direction.

In closing, I would again like to say thanks for the opportunity to help in any way I can. Feel free to call as I'm always available and my door is always open. I will do my best to assist with any of the issues I've stated above.


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