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Columbus Day - Office Closed
Oct 10, 2022
Executive Board Meeting
Oct 13, 2022
National Bosses Day
Oct 16, 2022
United Nations Day
Oct 24, 2022
General Membership Meeting
Oct 26, 2022
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  Agreement Reached on the 2021-2024 Contract Period Workyear Designations List
  “Amazing” Convention Sets our Priorities
  Reporting Back On Four Years And Looking To The Future
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  A Successful Convention, and Motivation to Grow our Local and State Power
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  King Soopers Workers (UFCW) On Strike!
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  Arbitrator Sharnoff Issues National-Level Award on ADUS Craft Jurisdiction
  Additional Function 1 Staffing MOU Leads to 2,404 PSE Conversions to Career
  Q&A For Clerks on New Collective Bargaining Agreement
  Parties Agree on Q & As to Clarify PTF, PSE, & NTFT Issues
  COVID-19 Test Kit Fulfillment Pilot Extended
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  FULL Per Diem Target Date is November 1, 2022 for Three Years
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  Second COLA = Record Breaking $1.18/hr
  After Pressure, Management Sets Retroactive Pay Date: October 28, 2022
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  APWU Health Plan - New 2022 Benefits
  FROM THE APWU- USPS Non Career Health Benefit Plan Will Be Transitioning form United Healthcare for Care First BCBS on January 1 2022
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