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  Clerk Craft
  The Clerk Division 2023 All-Craft Conference
  The Clerk Division General Session Closed Out the 2023 All-Craft Conference
  Surviving the USPS “Alphabet Soup” with the Help of RI-399
  Telework Agreements Extended For Remainder of 2021-2024 CBA
  Parties Agree to Allow PTFs/PSEs in Level 4 RMPO Offices to Decline Conversion
  APWU Files National Dispute Over New Employee Orientation
  Bulk Mail Tech and Mailer Requirement Clerk MOU & Higher-Level National Dispute
  Reporting Back On Four Years And Looking To The Future
  Arbitrator Sharnoff Issues National-Level Award on ADUS Craft Jurisdiction
  Additional Function 1 Staffing MOU Leads to 2,404 PSE Conversions to Career
  Q&A For Clerks on New Collective Bargaining Agreement
  Parties Agree on Q & As to Clarify PTF, PSE, & NTFT Issues
  Maintenance Craft
  Successful Maintenance Craft Conference in 2023
  Maintenance Division General Session Kicks Off 2023 All-Craft Conference
  2023 Bulk Mail Centers (BMC) Conference, Kansas
  Major Mail Processing Equipment Relocations Nationwide
  Questions and Answers: In-Service Examinations, Register & Eligibility Ratings
  Welcome to National Center for Employee Development & Full Per Diem Implementation
  FULL Per Diem Target Date is November 1, 2022 for Three Years
  Successful Maintenance Division Conference
  National Staffing Advocate Training: DC
  Maintenance: 50 Years Later
  MVS Craft
  Arbitration Settlement Won For MVS Craft
  All Craft Conference Report - MVS 2023
  General Session Begins for Motor Vehicle Service Division
  2010 MVS Jobs MOU Arbitration Decision
  National Award Issued in Favor of APWU Motor Vehicle Service Craft
  Department of Transportation Testing Violations by USPS Contractor
  Pay Anomalies Continue
  44th Annual MVS Directors Conference
  10 Roads Express Workers Vote APWU Union Yes!
  MVS Update
  Breaking News
  Workers Memorial Day - Standing Up Against Hostile Work Environment
  Educate, Engage, and Empower!
  Sorting and Delivery Centers, and the Postal Service's 10-Year Plan
  Is Your Union Constitution in Conflict?
  The Impacts of Hostile Work Environments on Employees Can Be Significant
  How We Stop the Harassment
  We Will Settle for Nothing Less than the Respect All Workers Deserve!
  Labor News - May/June 2023
  USPS announces end of COVID-19 protocols
  Secretary-Treasurer Powell presents proclamation titled "Aging Unbound" for Older Americans Month
  Central Regional Coordinator Sharyn Stone Retires: Amy Puhalski Appointed as New Coordinator
  APWU National Presidents Conference Rallies at Postal HQ Against Cuts, For Better Service
  Postal Workers "Speak Up Together" for Dignity and Respect
  2024 Annual Leave Exchange and Carryover MOU
  On Workers Memorial Day, Take Action for Dignity & Respect at Work: The Postal Campaign Against Toxic Workplace Environments
  Postal Service Health Benefits Program - New Fact Sheets Released
  Direct Deposit Allotments and Net-to-Bank Transactions Online A
  Supreme Court Hears Case That Could Affect Postal Workers
  10 Roads Express forced to reinstate union organizer after successful strike action
  On Workers Memorial Day, Take Action for Dignity & Respect at Work
  Parties Agree to Allow PTFs/PSEs in Level 4 RMPO Offices to Decline Conversion
  Arbitrator Shyam Das Supplemental Award Addressing the Scope of 2016 Decision in 110 HCR Routes Case
  My Consumer Driven Option
  Women's Rights Are Under Attack
  What's the 411 on Capitol Hill?
  "What Have You Done For Me Lately?"
  Join The Fight for Social Security and a Better Tomorrow
  Department of Transportation Testing Violations by USPS Contractor
  Contract Negotiations in the Year Ahead
  Together, We Can Overcome Any Obstacle
  Training, Regional Assistants and COVID Leave
  APWU Files National Dispute Over New Employee Orientation
  Know Your Rights At Work!
  Meeting Annual Report Deadlines
  Who is Keeping Track of Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Hostile Work Environments?
  Tax Season is Upon Us. But Who Pays Taxes? And How Are They Spent?
  Resolution: Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories
  Third COLA Increase Announced
  APWU Endorses Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence for the Postal Board of Governors
  Columbus, OH 10 Roads Express Drivers Win Huge Union YES! Vote
  Department of Labor Announces New FECA Procedures for COVID-19 Cases
  Questions and Answers: In-Service Examinations, Register & Eligibility Ratings
  The Debt Ceiling & Postal Workers
  Protecting LiteBlue from Cyber Criminals: Multifactor Authentication Required After January 15
  APWU Position on Employees Who Have Had Direct Deposits
  Welcome to National Center for Employee Development & Full Per Diem Implementation
  Pay Anomalies Continue
  Optimism and Action in 2023
  Burnout: Signs, Symptoms, and Prevention
  New Year, New Officers, Same Commitment!
  Monsters Do Exist...
  Renew Our Commitment to APWU
  Start 2023 Off Right With a Commitment to Your Health
  Starting the Year in Good Financial Shape is the Key
  Santa's Elves are Union Proud - Let's Spread the Word!
  Bulk Mail Tech and Mailer Requirement Clerk MOU & Higher-Level National Dispute
  Together, Let's Keep Rolling the Union On!
  A Year In Review: A Look Back at 2022 and Looking Forward to 2023
  NLRB Charges 10 Roads Express for Violations of the National Labor Relations Act
  Dr. King’s Legacy of Peaceful Direct Action is a Model for Us Today
  Vote By Mail is Better Than Ever
  Looking Back: This Time in Our Labor History - Martin Luther King Jr.
  Updated 2022 APWU Constitution Posted
  APWU Endorses Congresswoman Brenda Lawrence for the Postal Board of Governors
  JCIM is Available: Order Yours Today!
  Update to APWU Members on LiteBlue Fraud
  Union Power in Peoria: APWU 10 Roads Express Workers Strike to Defend Their New Union!
  Postal Vehicle Operator Pilot Program to Create New Union Jobs in Oklahoma City, OK.
  APWU-Represented Postal Workers Get Retro-Pay
  Emily Weber Appointed to New NBA Position in Wichita Region
  2022 Convention Transcript Now Available
  And The Winners Are...
  2022 APWU National Officer Election Results Certified
  Open Season is November 14 – December 12, 2022
  Mark Dimondstein Overwhelmingly Reelected APWU President
  Message from APWU President Mark Dimondstein, Executive Vice-President Debby Szeredy and Secretary-Treasurer Liz Powell on Hurricane Ian and Fiona.
  Postal Retirees Deserve Better: Urge Congress to Pass H.R. 82, the Social Security Fairness Act
  "Union Strong, All Day Long!"
  Reporting Back On Four Years And Looking To The Future
  Commercial Crime Policy Bond Coverage
  USPS Pay Information
  Second COLA = Record Breaking $1.18/hr
  After Pressure, Management Sets Retroactive Pay Date: October 28, 2022
  Retiree Chapter
  Retiree Chapter Minutes
  Retiree Corner
  Retiree Chapter ZOOM Meeting
  Retirement Seminars
  Retiree Chapter Endorsements
  COVID-19 Test Kit Fulfillment Pilot Extended
  COVID-19 At Home Tests
  What Is There To Hide?
  How to File an OWCP Claim When Diagnosed with COVID-19
  APWU Military
  Blue Water
  Wounded Warriors Federal Leave Act
  APWU Salutes Our Veterans
  T'was the Night Before Christmas
  Brothers & Sisters In Need
  King Soopers Workers (UFCW) On Strike!
  DMAL History
  History of DMAL Officers & Staff
  Office Locations
  2023 Moe Biller Scholarship Winner J'Ana Myers
  Moe Biller Scholarship Winning Essay 2023
  Moe Biller Scholarship Application 2023
  Moe Biller Scholarship Winners 2022
  Contact Us
Member Resources
  Member Home  
  DMAL Financials
  March 2020 Financials
  April 2020 Financials
  May 2020 Financials
  June 2020 Financials
  July 2020 Financials
  September 2020 Financials
  Budget Overview Oct - Dec 2020
  Budget Overview - January - December 2021
  July 2021 Financials
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  2022 DMAL Budget
  September 2021 Financials
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  December 2022 Financials
  January Financials 2023
  Budget Overview 2023
  Budget Overview Revised/ Approved at 03/25/2023 Membership Meeting
  April 2023 Financials
  May 2023 Financials
  February 2023 Financials
  March 2023 Financials
  September 2023 Financials
  July 2023 Financials
  August 2023 Financials
  June 2023 Financials
  February 2023 Financials
  February 2023 Financials
  February 2020 Financials
  Meeting Minutes - Old
  Parking Committee Meeting
  Executive Board Meeting 2017 - 2018
  Membership Meeting Minutes 2017 - 2018
  Meeting Minutes - Executive Board
  Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2019
  Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2020
  Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2021
  Executive Board Minutes 2022
  Executive Board Meeting Minutes 2023
  Meeting Minutes - General Membership
  Membership Meeting Minutes 2019
  Membership Meeting Minutes 2020
  General Membership Meeting Minutes 2021
  General Membership Minutes 2022
  General Memberaship Meeting Minutes 2023
  APWU Health Plan
  FROM THE APWU- USPS Non Career Health Benefit Plan Will Be Transitioning form United Healthcare for Care First BCBS on January 1 2022
  APWU Health Plan - New 2022 Benefits
  Instant Savings on Eyecare and Prescriptions with Your Free Union Plus Discount Cards
  Mortgage Program - Union Plus
  Bright Now! Dental & Orthodontics
  Voluntary Benefits Life Insurance
  Union Plus
  Voluntary Benefits Plan
  Federal Employee Benefits
  Classified Ads
  Committee Resources
  Human Relations
  Safety & Health
  Social & Recreation
  Deaf & Hard of Hearing
  Communications of the Local
  Thank You Letter from Moe Biller Scholarship Winner
  Letter from a Non-Member
  Const./Proposed Changes
  Mileage Proposed Constitutional Change
  Part- Time Officer Salaries Proposed Constitutional Change
  DMAL Policies
  DMAL EEO Representation Policy
  Executive Board Financial Policy
  Change of Schedule Policy
  Events Calendar
  Family Fun
  Union Nights With Cirque du Soleil Denver 2023
  Membership Cook Out at Elitch's 2023
  Field Representatives
  DMAL Field Representatives 2023
  Fun Links
  Important Links
  Labor / Management
  Member Directory
  DMAL Merchandise
  National MOU
  2022 Annual Leave Carry Over
  2022 Annual Leave Exchange
  Online Voting
  FMLA and Using Sick/Annual Leave
  Your Safety, Your Life
  Human Relations Report
  Telephone Extensions
  2024 DMAL Phone Extentions
  Trustee Reports
  April 2021 Trustee Report
  Union News Archive
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  Virtual & In-Person Meetings
  Stewards Only Meeting at 4:00PM Link February 28,2024
  Membership Meeting at 5:00pm Link February 28,2024
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