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Oligarchy Is The New Fascism
Posted On: Feb 13, 2018

Oligarchy Is The New Fascism

by Scott Morrow, President DMAL Retiree Chapter   

Since the Reagan war on Unions and workers, democracy in the workplace has declined from around one third of ALL American Jobs to less than seven percent today.  Many American employers take full advantage of this by hiring their workers at a minimum wage that has the purchasing power of about one third of what my first job did back in the 1960’s era when Unions were strong and growing.  In fact, a Republican President of the United States (POTUS) bragged in 1956 about how they had been successful in increasing Union shops in America.  Unions tend to lift all wage earners thereby creating a minimum wage for me in my first job equivalent to about $22 an hour today after being adjusted for inflation.

As the Oligarchs have decimated the Unions, a race to the bottom has been in full swing now for at least 30 years.  As we have evolved from a country with a liberal middle class to one where the corporations have bought and paid for most of our representatives we resemble the fascists of old.

The infamous dictator who coined the term “fascism” was none other than Mussolini.    As the leader of the National Fascist Party, he ruled the country as Prime Minister from 1922 to 1943—constitutionally until 1925, when he dropped all pretense of democracy and set up a legal dictatorship.  In this fascist world, ALL elected parliament members were dismissed and replaced by the corporate masters of the time.  Sound familiar?

Today our Federal Government exists through a legalized system of bribery, politicians receive bribes from wealthy donors in return for writing the laws to their liking, and then those politicians are rewarded with high paying jobs when they retire or lose an election.   Large majorities of Americans oppose much of the legislation passed by Congress and their State Governments.

For example, in the recent attempt by the Republican dominated Congress to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) also known as Obamacare and throw tens of millions off any care what so ever, 64% of Americans opposed the legislation, yet it almost passed!  A majority of members of the Republicans’ own party opposed the bill labeled repeal and replace but in actuality, a stealth tax cut bill for the rich.

While we do not have the same exact situation as the Italians did back in 1922, our current POTUS had filled his cabinet with multi-millionaires and billionaire’s!  None of them were ever workers, almost all of them like POTUS, born into economic royalty and permanent members of the American Oligarchy.  Of course, they who have bought much of Congress want laws to enhance their personal wealth and well-being.  Of course, they are uncomfortable paying an additional 3.6% on their “unearned” income to finance the PPACA.

Right now, the Denver Metro Retiree Chapter is fighting hard to overcome the FIVE HUNDRED billion dollars just stolen from Medicare (funds ALL came from payroll checks and benefits have been pre-paid by those 65 or older) and the Trillion dollars just stolen from Medicaid by the Republican budget passed by both houses in Congress.  Medicaid pays well over half of all long-term care in “Nursing Homes” and other assisted living arrangements for the elderly.  What will these vulnerable people do now?  What will their children do to compensate for this loss of funding?

Now we face the Republican tax cut plan that will rob many more trillions from retirees, hungry children, the sick and the disabled.  As I write, it is estimated the tax cut for mostly the top 1% of Americans will add over Five trillion dollars to the debt and deficits.  40% of these tax cuts by the fascists will go to FOREIGN investors who now own over one seventh of all property in the United States due to our bludgeoning trade deficits.  Sending our good union jobs overseas has dire economic consequences.  Please do not believe for even a minute this so-called tax cut will benefit you.  It is designed for just one purpose and that is to turn over all political power to the fascists of the American Oligarchy. It is designed to redistribute the few crumbs left for the least among us up to the economic royalists.  They must have it all.  Nothing will ever be enough for these folks.

Please call your Congressional representatives often to express your opposition to taking from you to give to those who simply do not need any more.  If you are thinking this would be a waste of your time remember that there are a few hundred American’s buying congress while there are hundreds of millions of us who only need to raise our voices to turn the tide.

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