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Updated On: Nov 06, 2017


by Scott Morrow, DMAL Retiree Chapter President

It all started with a fantastic catered dinner sponsored by the Denver Metro Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union (DMAL,APWU).  The elected Director of Human Resources at the time, Phil Desautels, did much of the work behind the scenes with support from the DMAL President, John Ancona and the Executive Board.  Everyone joining in on the festivities that evening were interested in establishing a Retiree Chapter chartered by APWU.  A chairperson was nominated and elected at the dinner to start the certification and application process for a DMAL Retiree Chapter. 

You too can form a retiree chapter.  The first step is a several page instruction sheet from the APWU Director of the Retirees.  A constitution and bylaws for your chapter must be written up and presented to a meeting of retirees paying the $36 a year, for ratification.     

The APWU “rebates” about 40% of your $3 each month to the chartered chapter.  Do the math and see that there are funds to do informational mailings and to send delegates to retiree conferences. Your leadership likely will receive no compensation, as all work with every chapter on APWU’s books is voluntary.  

Under the APWU national constitution, the chapter’s mission is political action to contact and vote for local, state and federal representatives who share your concerns as retirees in America.  To help those who support our pensions, our social security, our Medicare and other health care access, our environment and our cost of living increases.  You can band together to admonish those who would make your lives harder and more uncomfortable that retirees are a force and are engaged in the political process.

After all, it is only through working together in an organized fashion that we have any chance of the golden years we worked for, prepaid and deserve.  The forces of darkness are constantly looking for ways to take from us so that they can have even more.   The good news is that there are hundreds and hundreds of millions of us and only a few hundred of them.  Of course, also in the good news category is that active retirees can move mountains in the political arena.

Meantime, until you decide to and work towards forming your own APWU chartered retiree chapter, ANY retired APWU member in Colorado paying the three bucks a month or $36 annually can join the Denver Metro Retiree Chapter (DMRC).  Up here in Leadville, my neighbor across the street who worked at the Vail Post Office is a full member of the DMRC.  Simply by providing your CSA# to the office manager at the Denver Metro Area Local (DMAL) of the APWU you can enroll as a retiree member! 

If you retired from a different local that has no chapter yet, simply write a letter to Nancy Olumekor, APWU Retirees Director, stating you wish to be designated as a DMRC member and you can join us in our work to save our benefits and pay.  We also need your help to repeal legislation like the Windfall Elimination Provision that robs some of our members of their full social security benefits.

Contacts to join the ONLY retiree chapter in Colorado:

Scott Morrow, President; 303 915 8012

(please leave a message with your name, number and retiree status)


Rita Burns, DMAL Office Manager

303 365-1524 ext. 11 


Nancy Olumekor, APWU Director of Retirees

(202) 842-8584 or write her at:

1300 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

All of us at the DMRC look forward to your membership, help and activity.  Our struggle continues every day so we really need you on board.

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