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Posted On: Aug 21, 2019

How To Request To See A Steward

by Bobby Rollins, President

In lieu of the escalating number of grievances being filed by the Denver Metro Area Local and in order to be able to pass on consistent information to our members and provide them with the best representation possible, it is imperative that all APWU represented employees follow the proper procedure to see a steward.  In the GMF the clerks have an APWU book they can put their name in to request to see a steward.  The books are in the following work areas:

  • Supervisors desk on Colfax/Supervisors desk in the West Wing/Supervisors desk in 030
  • HTPS supervisors desk/Supervisors desk in the 100’s

Our stewards are only certified to represent on specific tours, so the proper procedure is to put your name in the APWU book in your work location and wait for your steward to get you released by your supervisor. If everyone follows this practice it will allow our stewards to better manage their time needed in order to provide everyone with the representation they deserve.

Union Time

by Isador Ramirez, Director Maintenance Craft

We need your help raising awareness to management.   You know you have concerns and needs. We know you have concerns and needs.  We all need to start letting management know that you have concerns and needs.  You are the victims when management violates the contract, and most of the time it is management creating the problems.  We need you to start approaching management and start requesting union time to see your Union steward. 

As much as everyone feels the need to run directly to your steward for assistance, management needs to start feeling this burden they are creating with you, not to mention your steward may be currently doing their actual bid job, and has to be on union time to assist you.  Before you stop your steward on the workroom floor, we ask that you make it known to management first and they should be the ones to get you a steward to assist with your needs (JCIM 17.3 Employees should be permitted, under normal circumstances, to have a reasonable amount of time to consult with their steward).  This helps the union get justification for steward release time.  The more you all start going to management first, maybe they will see the concerns first hand and even try to resolve and prevent future occurrences.  Every grievance should be settled at the lowest possible level and management should feel the need to bargain in good faith (NLRA Sec 8, Obligation to bargain collectively). 

The lowest level starts with you, the employee, bringing these issues directly to management.  If they cannot help you then please ask to see your local steward. 

I would also like to say thank you to all those who are willing to write statements and bring awareness to your local union. STATEMENTS HELP TREMENDOUSLY!  You can request time to see your steward to write up any statements concerning issues that you may be having.

Excessive Overtime

by Charles Quintana, Assistant Director Clerk Craft

Overtime is up everywhere!  Stations, AOs, and plants in the Denver area have all seen an increase in overtime. Summer is usually a high vacation time and a lot of employees have bid annual and once again it caught management by surprise.

Although some love overtime and will take all they can get, some are not on the OTDL for a reason.  Family commitments, health issues, or other commitments outside of the Post Office are a few.  Article 8.5.D of the JCIM states that the purpose of the OTDL is to avoid scheduling full-time employees not wishing to work overtime.

Article 8 of our Collective Bargaining Agreement and Article 14 of our Local Agreement lists specifics related to calling and/or mandating overtime. Some key elements of the language are as follows.

Article 14.C of the LMOU states that all available employees on the OTDL within the section and all available employees from the Master OTDL must be utilized prior to mandating non-OTDL employees.

Article 14.D of the LMOU lists the sequence for overtime for mail processing operations at the GMF on a rotating basis as follows:

  • OTDL from within the section
  • Master OTDL from outside the section in Mail Processing at that facility.
  • The OTDL’s for other sections at the GMF may be utilized when building-wide overtime is called in Mail Processing. This shall not be on a rotational basis.
  • PSE
  • Mandate from within section
  • Mandate from outside the section

Article 8.5.D of the CBA states that when the OTDL does not provide enough employees for overtime non-OTDL employees may be required to work on a rotating basis by starting with the junior employee.

Article 8.5.F of the CBA states that there may be exceptional cases to overtime where employees may request such as (birthdays, anniversaries, illness, deaths etc.…).  Get with your supervisor for exceptional cases.

Article 14.A states that employees required to work at the end of their regular schedule shall be given at least one (1) hour of advanced notice when possible. When circumstances prevent less than one (1) hour notice management may excuse employees on an individual basis at the employees request. Unless an emergency exists these requests should be fulfilled.

If you have any questions about any above articles or other questions pertaining to overtime contact me.  With such a high rate of overtime being utilized management needs to stay within the limits of our national and local agreements. If you think your contractual rights are being violated write a statement and/or ask your steward. They can tell you whether you have a grievance.

GMF The Heat Is Coming!

by Charles Quintana, Assistant Director Clerk Craft

Just a reminder due to our experience in the past. Summer is upon us and so is the warmer weather.  If it’s 100 degrees outside it can feel like it’s 120 degrees in the plant.

Work safe and drink water. Last summer management supplied some relief by placing coolers around the plant.  If you are working in an area that is extremely hot let your supervisor know. They are responsible for your safety. Working around machinery in the summer heat is exhausting and inside the plant the heat seems to creep up on us.  If nothing is being done with extreme heat, we need to fill out a 1767 safety form. This will establish communication between employees and management that there is a concern that needs to be addressed.  Let’s stay proactive with the heat this year! Communicate with management and let them know when it is hot.  Let’s put them on notice as soon as the heat hits so we can work in a safe and more productive environment.

National Workplace Environment Committee

by Tinamarie Vivens-Stafford, Director Human Relations

Greetings Brothers and Sisters,

I am honored to have been selected to serve on the National Workplace Harassment Committee.  Our first meeting was headed by Vance Zimmerman, Industrial Relations Director on July 11, 2019, at the Tommy Douglas Conference Center in Silver Springs, MD.  In the meeting we identified the types, causes, and effects harassment has on individuals and WE all agree that it is a “Safety” issue and should be handled as such. 

Abusive Supervisors are running rampant throughout the country and WE must stop them.  Our committee has come up with a plan on how to identify, report, and hold the USPS accountable through our grievance procedure (CBA: Art 14 “Health and Safety”).  That being said, national will be sending out information to all local Presidents to be posted and distributed to all.  I will keep you informed on the progress of this committee.  In the meantime, if you are being harassed please contact your steward.  Remember…it takes ALL of US coming together to eliminate this problem.

Is Heat Related Illness Considered Workers Compensation?

by Tinamaire Vivens-Stafford, Director Human Relations

Management recently posted and had safety talks on prevention of Heat Illness.  If you are experiencing physical effects from the heat while working, it is considered Workers Compensation (CA1).  If you find yourself in this situation notify your supervisor immediately and seek medical attention if needed.  If you have questions or concern’s please feel free to contact me at 303-365-1524 ext. 12.  Enjoy the rest of your summer and be safe.

2019 Moe Biller Scholarship Winners

by Rita Burns, Office Manager

Every year the Denver Metro Area Local offers the Moe Biller Scholarship to their members and families.  $2500 is awarded and divided among applicants who are deemed eligible by the Scholarship Committee.  The DMAL Scholarship Committee is made up of three retirees who have remained active in the local.  They are John Kelly - former National Business Agent for the Clerk Craft, Ron Gorman - former MVS Director and Steward and current Associate Editor of the Mountaineer and Jim Deden - former Clerk from Commerce City.  This committee has the sole responsibility of determining who receives these awards.   I want to thank them for volunteering for this committee and for their dedication to the  APWU.  Without Retirees and their involvement, many of these programs would not be possible.

There were four applicants for this scholarship.  All four were determined to be eligible and had fulfilled all requirements of the scholarship process.  The four applicants were Julie Huynh, Tamera Huynh, Amber Gustason and Christopher Simmons and they all received scholarship money.  Congratulations to all of you!

Julie Huynh is the daughter of Nancy Huynh, a Clerk Craft member at the Edgewater USPS, and received the first place award of $1100.00.  Julie will be attending the University of Wisconsin in Madison and she will be studying Biology.   Tamera Huynh is the daughter of Nancy Huynh, a Clerk Craft member at the Edgewater USPS, and received the second place award of $600.  Tamera will be attending the University of Hawaii at Manoa and she will be studying Biology. 

Amber Gustason is the daughter of Christina Gustason, a Maintenance Craft member at the Broomfield Eagleview USPS and received the third place award of $400.  Amber will be attending Western Colorado University and will pursue a Major of Business Administration, Major of Economics and Minor in Psychology. 

Christopher Simmons is the son of Janice Bayonne, a Clerk Craft member at the GMF USPS and received the third place award of $400.  Christopher will be attending Colorado Media School and will be studying Film and Video Production. 

Clerks Continue To Crush It Every Day!

by Laviena Vargas, Director Clerk Craft

The APWU/DMAL is working hard to find the solutions and some answers to so many of Our Union Questions!  Where is the air conditioning?  Why are so many jobs being reverted? Is the Denver GMF getting a new machine (HUDUS=High Density Universal Sorter)?  Why am I still getting mandated for overtime as Non-Volunteer?  How much longer do I have to wait to get paid from a signed Grievance Settlement?  These are just a few of the hundreds of questions your Union is addressing every day. The list is long no doubt, but the Union is working to get the answers as soon as we can!

The DMAL has been aggressively working on addressing the severe problem of heat at the GMF. President Bobby Rollins has been in constant communication with the Plant Manager as well USPS Safety leaders. The problem of adequate air conditioning is ongoing and is being addressed with numerous parties as to find a solution, so we have been told by management.  Please stay safe and do not hesitate to request an extra break if needed.

Management continues to revert vacant jobs even as majority of clerks are working overtime and cannot get any time off due to the insufficient staffing in every section.

Management posted a notice of a new machine “High Density Universal Sorter (HDUS) Coming to Denver P&DC-Installation begins September 2019.” The Local Union was not given any type of notification of such a major change happening in Denver. We have reached out to our Regional Coordinator Omar Gonzalez and to our National Officers to see if the APWU, on any level , has received any notification regarding this machine. The local Union will pass along any information as it becomes available from our National Officers.

It is very, very Important that every clerk is clocked into the correct operation at all times. If management decides to attempt to eliminate any jobs or sections, the Union will rely on the clock rings to show where the clerks are actually working and that the work is NEEDED.  Please take an extra minute to make all moves on the clock.

Please know that there is a HUGE problem with management following through and paying out on grievance settlements. The Union has been fighting with management on this frustrating issue for quite some time. The Union has been filing numerous Non-Compliance grievances about this annoying bad habit of theirs! We will continue to fight each Non-Compliance grievance until EVERY grievance settlement is paid out. Please understand that the grievance procedure does take time and it can be weeks or months before the grievance is actually paid. However, management must bargain in Good Faith and follow through with all resolvements pertaining to settlement payments! Thank you to all the Clerks of the Denver Region for every hour of every day that you are providing great service for our customers! Please take a minute and “Thank” your Union steward in your station or section.  All Stewards and Coordinators are working very hard to file hundreds of grievances as they represent the members. “Thank you to all APWU members and thank you DENVER METRO STEWARDS and COORDINATORS!”

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